The Grandma Pizza baked in traditional pans in our wood-fired oven

Stuzzi Pizza arrives still steaming from our wood burning oven. The crust is super thin, with a blistered crown, it is chewy and crisp all at once. The aroma of garlic and basil is dreamy. The soft, milky richness of our house made mozzarella yields to the sweet and sour finish of a fine sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes of Naples, and good olive oil. The sausage, home made by hand in our kitchen, is spicy, but not too much, sweet, but just a little, juicy and full of flavor with a licorice hint of fennel seed. Vibrant sweet peppers play against the bitterness of broccoli rabe. Each bite sings. Each ingredient tastes so much like what it is. The flavors, so well balanced that even the subtle sour of the dough comes through. The textures are a riot of soft, crisp and everything in between.

Even if you didn’t know that the fennel sausage is handmade. Even if you couldn’t care less that the in season herbs, the peppers and the broccoli rabe are all grown locally. Even if we never told you that the dough is from Naples, made with a biga that ferments for twenty-four hours, you would nevertheless know that what you just ate was marvelously delicious.

Just maybe the best pizza you’ve ever had!

This, my friends, is the art of Stuzzi pizza!